Phantom Forces Script (Working)

If you’re a pro gamer and have played Call of Duty or war games, you will know that Phantom Forces Script is a replica. Phantom Forces is a battlefield game where you fight wars with other players online. It’s a first-person shooter where you will lead your army to victory. You have to defeat your opponent to win the game.

Even though the game has no storyline, There are about four different class roles whereby a player can choose to play any of the roles. Phantom Forces lacks special abilities, unlike other games, but the array of the modern armory is worth it.

When playing the game, its graphic is fantastic and has that realistic battlefield sound making it look realistic. There are a lot of game mechanics, such as runnin’ and gunnin’ enemy soldiers.

Even though the game is so addicting to play and has a broad map and a lot of action, it also has some difficulties under its control. It’s quite challenging to master the controls.

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Phantom Forces Script

The script shared here is virus free and will grant you a lot of features like kill aura, auto farm, infinite clip, and many more.


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How to Execute Phantom Forces Script

  • You will need to download a Roblox executor.
  • Launch the Roblox executor downloaded.
  • Launch Phantom Forces and leave it running.
  • Click the download link above and copy the script into the executor text box area
  • Click on Inject/Execute to pop up GUI.

You can now activate the cheats you like.

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