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Rio Game Studio is a "playground" for kids and teenagers to play games, have activities, play different types of sports while entertaining and practicing at the same time. We have ties to some of the best football and minor basketball leagues out there there are constantly looking for the latest talents. Apart from that, your kids will have the time of their lives while playing, socializing, learning, and spending quality time with everyone else.

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Our Coaches

Melvin Bush


Melvin is our fantastic football coach. He creates a friendly and stress-free environment for kids and their friends.

Martina Smith


Football is one of the world's favourite games, and so children are almost all into it. Martina helps them learn and play through Rio Game Studio.

Harold Jackson


Practicing track is not only a great way to compete, have fun, and exercise, but it's also a great way to start a career.

Bryan Dumfrie


Who doesn't love baseball? The thrill and excitement it gives you. Kids adore it!

Our happy parents.

James Broad

My kids can't wait until 5 o'clock comes and they can finally go and have fun at Rio Game Studio. They are eager to play, learn, and mostly have fun.

Steve Jackson

My son loves football, and since he joined the amazing group of young teenagers at Rio Game Studio, it's all he's been talking about. He's more energized, happier, and more socialized.

James Brandon

If your kid wants to have fun while also playing sports, I'd say don't even hesitate! Rio Game Studio is a fantastic place for that. There's fun, learning, and a lot of activities involved.




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